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Planning, Build, and Subcontractor Coordination


Unfinished to Finished (4-12 weeks; $18,000 - $70,000 and over)

The type of usage for a Basement Remodel will dictate the time required for its Planning Phase; however, it is recommended that this Planning Process start at least one month prior to Build. Basement Remodels are almost like mini houses in that the usages run the gamut of possibilities.

For example, envision a full bar with refrigeration and granite countertops, or a full theater system, or a storage system or yet a gaming room. The components are many and varied depending on the principal use for the space. There is planning for the bathroom and/or kitchen (bar/wet bar) components. The combined bathroom and kitchen cabinetry can take up to three months for procurement, local audio visual companies may need to be consulted, and there is space planning for game rooms.

Square One has proven relationships with a myriad of experts and we have experience in carefully integrating subcontractors into a basement remodel. We draw on expert interior designers for clients who do not have a clear plan for their remodel. We subcontract all mechanical components (i.e., electrical, plumbing and HVAC(heating, ventilation and air conditioning) ). We do the framing in-house, and subcontract the drywall installation. We do all of the trim carpentry, bathroom work, and kitchen installation in-house. We subcontract the majority of the flooring if non-tile or engineered flooring (hardwood, laminate) is used; carpeting is completely subcontracted out. We do the painting in-house.


This table summarizes Square One-principal and our subcontractor responsibilities:
Task Responsibility
Interior Design Square One or interior designer depending on scope
Mechanical subcontractors
Framing Square One
Drywall Installation subcontractors
Trim Carpentry Square One
Bathroom Work Square One
Kitchen Installation Square One
Tile Flooring Square One
Engineered Flooring Square One and subcontractors
Carpeting subcontractors
Painting Square One


As a general contractor, we take our job seriously to coordinate with our subcontractors and the building inspectors involved throughout the many aspects of your Basement Remodel.