Planning Phase

The Planning Phase for Kitchen Remodeling is driven primarily by the order and delivery time for the cabinets. Ideally, planning for a Kitchen Remodel needs to start at least 3 months before the start date for the build. There are cabinet lines that can be turned around as quickly as two (2) weeks. However, most lines run 6 to 8 weeks from order submittal. An earlier initial start time is better since it allows more time to refine ideas and to remove roadblocks.

There are varying degrees of kitchen remodels. If a client keeps the same footprint, this is a minor remodel and is referred to as a "Kitchen Facelift". Changing the location of mechanicals (e.g., sink, range, stove, microwave, venting) increases the planning phase and therefore the total time for the project to be done. This is known as an "Average or Standard Remodel". A "Major Kitchen Remodel" includes tasks such as moving walls, reconfiguration of the basic footprint and adding more light. This degree of remodel often requires an interior designer. Square One Home Improvements endorses and contracts with only the best of Loudoun who hold proven track records. Additionally, we have a relationship with the subcontractors that we endorse in that we have done extensive work with them in the past and have initially contracted with them through professional referrals. Square One requires a screening portfolio along with referrals before taking on any new subcontractor.

Our contracted architects and engineers are also drawn from the best in the field.

Square One Home Improvements endorses Hagerstown Kitchens of Hagerstown, MD and also works with the KraftMaid cabinet line. To facilitate the client's decision process, we have catalogues of door styles along with wood samples. For granite countertops, we work with and recommend Sky Marble & Granite in Sterling. Additionally, we are happy to work with your preferred suppliers for kitchen materials.


Build Phase


Kitchen Facelift Contractors serving Loudoun County - Fairfax County - Square One Home Improvements

Kitchen Facelift (1 week; $4,000–$10,000)

A Kitchen Facelift typically involves: new countertops, new knobs and handles, new paint, new appliances, and updating lighting fixtures.


Kitchen Remodeling Contractors serving Loudoun County - Fairfax County - Square One Home Improvements

Standard Remodel (3-6 weeks; $18,000-$30,000)

A Standard Kitchen Remodel typically includes the aspects of a Kitchen Facelift plus the following: new cabinets, minor additions of lighting (under-cabinet), new flooring, and/or minor ductwork. For a Standard Remodel, the footprint stays the same.


Major Kitchen Renovation Contractors serving Loudoun County - Fairfax County - Square One Home Improvements

Major Renovation (6-12 weeks or more; $40,000 and over)

A Major Renovation typically includes the aspects of a Standard Remodel plus the following: adding appliances, swapping utilities (electric/gas), changing functionality of the kitchen, major overhaul of lighting, moving of walls, adding of design elements not there (i.e., a fireplace), incorporating things not in the standard kitchen. In this high-scope project, there is a heavy emphasis on how the kitchen works with the rest of house and ensuring that it flows well with the floor plan. In most cases, mid to high-end appliances are used as well as rich, custom cabinetry. This remodel  generally calls on the expertise of interior design professionals, and if structural elements such as walls are moved, it may also necessitate engineers and/or architects.