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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer 1:

Yes, we offer a two year guarantee on labor/installation.

Answer 2:

Yes, in many instances the Owner will be working on your project. The Owner has involvement to some degree on all projects which is what sets Square One apart from the rest.

Answer 3:

Yes, we will be happy to indicate what services we will be able to provide for the budget you have specified.

Answer 4:

Yes. The homeowner can supply special plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, cabinetry. However, the homeowner must then accept full responsibility for all supplied materials.

Answer 5:

Yes with qualifications. Square One will specify a target complete date in all contracts. We are happy to provide referrals that back up our on-time schedules. Unforseen circumstances such as inclement weather, material order delays, or perhaps a general business matter could potentially cause a completion date impact. However, we will do everything possible to minimize this impact and to communicate any unexpected delay to the homeowner as soon as it is perceived. The largest project runovers have historically been found to be caused by scope change.