General Information

Square One Home Improvements is here to assist you with that very smallest to that very largest handyman service. Our Handyman Services cover the gamut from picture hanging to more extensive jobs such as full interior painting.


From the Very Smallest...

Smaller jobs include these typical needs:

  • Picture hanging
  • Seasonal lighting installation
  • Minor interior or exterior repairs (e.g., shutter down)
  • Garbage disposal replacement
  • Minor utility repair (plumbing/electrical)
  • Interior paint repair
  • Minor foundation repair/paint.


To the Very Largest...

Larger jobs include the following:

  • Siding replacement/repair/installation
  • Full interior painting
  • Exterior trim painting
  • Replacing/painting exterior wood rot
  • Foundation painting.


Pricing Structure

Labor time starts upon arrival. Estimates are for one man; materials brought to project by the contractor and/or provided by the contractor are at a 25% handling fee.


  1. Straight hourly; $85/hr + materials
  2. ½ day (4 hours); $300 + materials
  3. 1 day (8 hours); $550 + materials